On-Site agricultural/industrial vibration troubleshooting

Dynamic Balancing of rotors, fans, etc. in place

CM Technical Services, LLC offers an on-site specialty service for agriculture and industry.  We have eleven years of experience in vibration troubleshooting and dynamic balancing on a wide range of equipment.


On the agricultural side, grain bin aeration/dryer fans can be balanced at the grain elevator or on the farm.  Rotor is not removed for balancing.  A balanced rotor will prevent excessive bearing failure, housing cracking, and will be smoother and quieter.













On the industrial side, CM Technical Services, LLC can do vibration troubleshooting and balancing on-site on a wide variety of industrial equipment.  One example would be meat slicers.


Portable high-quality electronic equipment is used for balancing.  Weight is added to rotor to obtain a low vibration level.


We also offer telephone help for vibration and troubleshooting.